Build Your Business Credit

Getting Money for Your Business is Hard

More than half of businesses will fail in 5 years or less
51% of small business owners worry weekly about capital
82% of business failures are due to issues with their cashflow
90% of business owners agree that availability of loans is a problem

Improve Your Fundability

Have you ever applied for a credit card and gotten an AUTOMATED and instant approval?
Lenders and credit issuers have a secret, unpublished set of standards that you MUST meet to get approved
Your business fundability determines if you get automated approvals, or get denied

How to Succeed with Getting Money

Setup your business where it’s fundable by meeting lender approval criteria BEFORE you apply
Get business credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN to become more lendable
Capital is available IF you know where to look, so find ALL funding options in 1 place

Improve Your Fundability

The type of entity you have
How your bank account is setup
The types of references you have
The type of phone number you use
The types of licensing you may have
The way your website and email are setup
They type of address you use for your business
If your phone number is listed in certain directories
Numbers you have like your EIN & DUNS

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