Merchant Processing Solutions

Low Risk Accounts

Savings! Our typical client saves 50% off their adjustable rates and fees above interchange
More Savings! We can typically save you 20-60 bps on interchange with our proprietary offerings
Even More Savings! Our other program saves you 100% of your total cc processing fees – legal in all states
No Long-Term Commitments! Month to month contracts
No Exit Fees! No cancellation or early termination fees
Lock-in Rates! The rates we offer you are good for as long as you are with us
Easy Transition! We can rewrite almost any contract for the processor you are with
Great Service! You will only gain customer service, you will never have less – 24/7/365

High Risk Accounts

We can get you more processing volume
We can get you little to no reserve in most cases
We can get you a highly stable account that will last a long time In some cases we can get you better rates
We can get you back up accounts if needed We can get you bank accounts if needed
We can help drastically lower your risk profile

Special Offers

CBD Processing Accounts and bank accounts!
Free POS system offerings
Free Terminal offerings
Cashless ATMS for Cannabis dispensaries to drastically lower cash services need

Proprietary Offers

We have multiple ways to save you on interchange automatically – yes even retailers!
We have software to save you on 95% of your chargebacks and also cut interchange
We have ways of processing off the visa/mc rails and push payments from bank accounts while controlling 100% of the cost

International Offers

You can grow internationally with us in 185 countries
One login will get you full access to all of these countries, all of your accounts, businesses, etc.
Process in 37 currencies Settle in 17 currencies
We offer over 80 alternative payment methods (like ApplePay, SamsungPay, etc.)
We have a digital wallet allowing you to take any type of crypto currency

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